rise to sunder

Rise to Sunder

Vivian Badashian

“When Professor Walter McCreen discovers a cure for schizophrenia, the academic community fawns over him. His assistant Devon Avery expects him to snag the coveted Meadow Award, and the President of the University, the kindly though tormented John Beretta, hosts a dinner to commend his success. But revelry is undercut by the protests of students, and by the racial divides that threaten to upend the quiet of their small town. Devon’s relationship with her father Marcus is strained by many things, and now he won’t stop asking about the cure for Roth, his deranged and destitute client. All Devon wants to do is move on with her life and find a job worthy of her qualifications, but each of her attempts ends in failure. After his mansion is tagged with graffiti, John installs surveillance cameras to catch the perpetrator, waiting anxiously for a new crime to unfold. And to Walter’s dismay, the Meadow Award is bestowed on another, unlikely recipient. Rise to Sunder explores themes of ambition and betrayal, and a greater sickness that permeates the fabric of American society.”